Easily add/remove Vim scripts 12

Posted by ryan Tue, 20 Jul 2010 01:39:00 GMT

I like being able to easily add and remove Vim scripts, whether it's to try one out or easily upgrade to a newer version down the line. Since the directory structure of a script almost always follows the standard runtime directory structure, I simply wrote a script that adds each directory under $HOME/.vim/vendor to Vim's runtimepath, so that Vim includes the vendor directories in its script-searching behavior. That way, I can simply download something like rails.vim, which has files in autoload, doc, and plugin, and would be very annoying to remove manually, uncompress it into its own directory under $HOME/.vim/vendor, restart Vim, and the script is loaded. Removing the script is as easy as removing the directory under vendor and restarting Vim.

To add this behavior, simply put the following in your $HOME/.vimrc file:

let vendorpaths = globpath("$HOME/.vim", "vendor/*")

let vendorruntimepaths = substitute(vendorpaths, "\n", ",", "g")
set runtimepath^=vendorruntimepaths

let vendorpathslist = split(vendorpaths, "\n")
for vendorpath in vendorpathslist
  if isdirectory(vendorpath."/doc")
    execute "helptags ".vendorpath."/doc"

For the latest and greatest version of this code, refer to my vimrc.

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